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Brilliant Water Damage Cleanup Tips to Prevent Disasters

Water damage caused by flooding of any kind is more than just an inconvenience to you as a homeowner, it is an emergency! If not properly cleaned up, water damage can have devastating consequences on the very structure and stability of your house, as well as on the health of your loved ones.

When the water damage in your home is extensive, where do you even begin? It can be overwhelming, but here are a few helpful tips for water damage cleanup.

Know What Causes Water Damage

It’s important to know the potential causes or water damage, because some of them may be avoidable. For example, proper maintenance on your plumbing systems and appliances can help you avoid leaks. Even in the case o non-avoidable causes of flooding, like bad weather, you can minimize the damage done to your home and possessions by being prepared!

Any of the following can cause flooding, which can lead to severe water damage to your home:


  • Leaking or burst pipes
  • Leaking appliances like water heaters and AC units
  • Broken sump pump
  • Sewer line backup
  • Leaking toilets
  • Leaking garbage disposals flooding your cabinets
  • Flooding from a natural disaster or storm
  • Leaking roof, sometimes caused by a clogged gutter

Address The Issue ASAP

“quickly”The most important thing to keep in mind when cleaning up after any kind of flooding has occurred is that you can minimize the effects of the water damage in your home by addressing the issue as soon as possible.

If the damage done to your home after a flood isn’t addressed quickly, it could jeopardize everything from your family’s respiratory health to your safety in your own home, to the structural integrity of the building!

More substantial amounts of water can damage the walls, floor and even the foundation on which your house is built. Usually, if these issues are addressed, the damages can be repaired and a disaster can be avoided. Otherwise, you could risk your home eventually becoming structurally unsound.

Water also poses a threat to the safety of your loved ones, because it can cause electrical problems. These problems may begin with damaged or rusted electrical connections and lead to blown fuses and even electrical fires or explosions.

Damage from unsanitary water due to a sewage back up can also bring in parasites and other microorganisms, as well as bacteria like e-Coli and salmonella. If these are not taken care of, they can contaminate your house, putting you and your loved ones at risk for a serious illness.

Another health concern with water damage is the infestation of mold and mildew it often brings with it. Aside from an unpleasant smell, mold can also aggravate health issues like allergies, asthma, and COPD.

Get Your Hands on an Air Scrubber

“makesure”Often when cleaning up after a flood, the focus is on removing the water and cleaning up/restoring the home. One thing that can be easily forgotten is that the air quality in your home can also be negatively impacted by flooding as well!

Air scrubbers are great for cleaning up the air in your home because they are portable, ductless units that remove everything from dust particles to mold spores to deadly chemicals and bacteria from the air.

“Scrubbing” the air in your home will keep you safe in the aftermath of a water disaster, and will eliminate any lingering moldy odors. In time, you may forget the water damage even happened!


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