Fast & Efficient Cobourg Hydrojetting Services

Are you dealing with a stubborn clog in your pipes? Try safe, efficient hydrojetting services by Guardian Plumbing and Drain. Call (289) 251-1626 to find out how this service can get rid of years of clogs and prevent future ones from forming.

Are you dealing with years of built up clogs in your pipes? Are your pipes not draining water as quickly as they should? The safest, most efficient method for dealing with stubborn clogs is professional hydrojetting services. At Guardian Plumbing and Drain, we work with homeowners to effectively remove stubborn clogs and keep your pipes sparkly clean.

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How Does Hydrojetting Work?

This method of cleaning pipes works by using a high-pressure jet of reverse action water to blast away clogs in your pipe system. With water pressure at a rate of 1,400 pounds per minute to 4,000 pounds per minute, your drains will be left free of debris and sparkly clean. Such high water pressure also has the ability to smooth out your inner pipe walls, preventing future clogs and keeping your pipes in better overall condition.

Why is This Method the Best Option?

Chemical drain cleaners that people often use to clear up clogged drains and pipes contains many harmful chemicals that corrode your pipes and create weak spots that will eventually rupture. As the pipes corrode, the inner surface becomes porous, letting more debris find a way to create even more clogs. Hydrojetting is the best alternative because it is completely safe. Using only water, your pipes will be left clean and smooth. This service is known to improve the longevity of your pipes and prevent future clogs from forming.

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What Else Can it Be Used For?

At the moment, hydrojetting is the only approved method for cleaning sewer lines. A clogged sewer line is an issue that has an impact on your entire home. Some of the sewer line clogs that hydrojetting can remove includes:

  • Clogged lines from tree roots disrupting the system.
  • Sewer lines clogged by non-water soluble items such as diapers.
  • Grease that has been poured down the drain and begins to harden once it reaches the sewer line.

Let’s Work Together

Guardian Plumbing and Drain specializes in the safe cleaning of your pipes and drains. Our experienced, skilled technicians can recommend the best service for your specific needs. In addition to this, we also include the following features and benefits to improve our customer service and add value to our work:

  • Free estimates
  • Same-day service
  • Upfront pricing
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Years of built-up grease, food, and other materials are easily and quickly blasted away with professional hydrojetting services. If you live in Cobourg, ON and you have a stubborn clog that needs removal, call (289) 251-1626 today to schedule an appointment with our friendly team.