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Are you tired of dealing with the disadvantages of hard water in your home? Do you live in a rural area with many minerals in the groundwater? Homeowners in Cobourg, ON, and the surrounding area trust the experts at Guardian Plumbing and Drain for all their water softener services. Remove hard water from your home with one of these devices today!

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How Do They Work?

Many rural homes are affected by minerals such as magnesium and calcium in the water. When the water contains an excess of these minerals, it is considered hard. A water softener is a purification system that utilizes a separate water tank filled with specialized salts. As the hard water passes through the salts, the minerals bind to the sodium ions and your water is left softened and safe for use in your home.

What Are the Dangers of Hard Water?

Some of the ways hard water has a negative impact on homeowners include:

  • Scale: This is the precipitated minerals dissolved from the water. Scale will build up on your plumbing appliances such as your fixtures, water heater, pipes and more. As scale builds up, it can corrode these appliances and create blockages in your plumbing. In many cases, scale will also increase the likelihood of having to replace your appliances.
  • Washing: Hard water also makes it more difficult for soap to lather. When hard water touches soap, it creates a grimy film that is difficult to clean off. By installing a water softener, you will be protecting your appliances from this scum and reduce the amount of time spent cleaning.

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Guardian Plumbing and Drain - Water softener

Signs that You Need a Water Softener

If you experience any of the following signs in your home, you may benefit from the installation of a water softener:

  • Bad smelling and tasting water.
  • Difficulty lathering soap.
  • Scale on your fixtures.
  • Yellow stains on your laundry or tiles.

Why Choose Us

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Get rid of hard water in your home with professional water softener services. If you live in Cobourg, ON and you are noticing the damaging effects of hard water, call (289) 251-1626 and get a free estimate from our professionals.