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For many homeowners, the kitchen is a hub of activity in their homes. It’s where families gather for meals, food is prepared to nourish your loved ones and more. Make sure your kitchen plumbing fixtures are up to par with expert kitchen plumbing services in Cobourg, ON by Guardian Plumbing and Drain.

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How to Keep your Garbage Disposal Working

Nothing puts a bigger wrench in your after dinner cleanup than a broken or malfunctioning garbage disposal. Try these professional tips to keep your disposal working safely and efficiently at all times:

  • Never use the disposal for hard materials such as bones or shells.
  • If you are disposing of a lot of material, do it in stages to not jam the unit.
  • Never pour grease or oil down the unit.
  • When you are finished using the disposal, run water through the blades to quickly clean it and make sure nothing is stuck.
  • Always invest in professional repairs and maintenance. The small, sharp components can cause injury to an inexperienced technician.

When to Replace Your Sink

Most homeowners will go their entire lives without replacing their sink. One of the most common reasons to replace a sink is for design purposes. If the rest of your kitchen is getting an upgrade, it’s a good idea to replace the sink so that it matches with the new aesthetic. Other reasons that would justify replacing a sink is to replace a loose seal flange or a broken drain basket.

Common Faucet Problems

Experiencing a dripping faucet is a common issue in many kitchens. Here are the most common faucet problems that lead to leaking:

  • O-rings: The O-ring is a flat disc that holds the handle of the faucet to the stem screw. If the O-ring is loose, worn-out or damaged, you will experience leaking at the handle.
  • Washers: When the faucet is turned on, the washer presses into the valve seat. Over time, this friction may cause the washer to wear out and create leaking around the spout.
  • Valve seat: Over time, sediment may build up in the valve seat causing leaking at the spout.

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