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What Is Causing Low Water Pressure in the Shower?

Find the Cause of Low Water Pressure 

Hopping into the shower should be an enjoyable experience. But, at some point, people may have to deal with water pressure that is too low. This leads to showers that take too long and are more frustrating than relaxing. What is a person to do?

Low water pressure in the shower can arise from several sources. This article is a quick guide that can help homeowners start the troubleshooting process for low water pressure. Here are the three possible causes of low water pressure in the shower and how to deal with them. 

Water Heater Issues

water heaterTo better narrow down the source of low water pressure, the homeowner should determine if the water pressure issue is just with the cold water, hot water, or both. If the problem is limited to just the hot water, the water heater is the place to start looking for problems, and a plumber should be called. 

Water heaters can fall victim to corrosion and scale that can flake off and make their way into pipes. These form the base of clogs that can drastically lower the pressure and flow rate of hot water through the piping. If this is the case, the shower will be affected, and other fixtures may be affected when using hot water as well. To fix this problem, a plumber may drain and flush the water heater to remove sediment and fix certain sections of pipe that they suspect are clogged. 

Leaks and Clogs 

Expanding on the last point in the previous section, a clog in the hot or cold water lines can cause serious water pressure issues. If hot and cold water are both affected by pressure changes, the problem may be a blockage in the supply line. Preventing clogs in water lines can be tricky, but it can be done most effectively by installing water softeners to remove minerals that can build up in the pipes. 

If there is poor water pressure with both hot and cold water, the problem could also be a leak in the water line. Leaks allow water and pressure to escape, leading to low pressure in the shower and other plumbing fixtures. Look for wet spots or check the water meter to find leaks, then call a plumber for repairs to restore water pressure. 

Clogged Showerhead 

showerheadOften, the source of low water pressure in the shower can be due to the shower head itself. If poor water pressure occurs with only one plumbing fixture, the shower head, it could be due to a blockage in the fixture. Shower heads are often the problem because they are the site of scale that builds up in the holes of the shower head and impedes the flow of water. 

To determine if the shower head is to blame, remove it and look for signs of mineral scale and buildup. Remove the scale by replacing the shower head, or soak the shower head to dissolve the scale, and use a small tool to clear the holes. To help avoid this problem going forward, have a plumber come by and determine if hard water is to blame. If hard water is present, they can install a water softener so the plumbing and appliances in the home are protected.  

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