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Crash Course in the Plumbing Basics

Back To School Basics of Plumbing

Indoor plumbing is something that millions of people take for granted, but there are many parts of the world where water is still collected from wells and rivers and brought back into the living space. Toilets are often still holes in the ground. While, in reality, indoor plumbing is a luxury, many would not be able to give it up. Water is essential to life in all forms, and the technology associated with indoor plumbing is fairly recent in the history of humankind. This article covers the basics of pipes, fixtures, and drains. 

The Water Cycle: How Pipes Work

sink water

The idea of hydro-infrastructure is not a new concept. The Roman aqueducts are still an amazing feat of engineering.  Public access to water is the underpinning of community and cohesive action. This is just as true today as it was when pioneers and explorers fought over water rights, and, though it is hardly thought of, this is still true today. 

Municipal water systems physically knit communities together. One can think of a home’s plumbing as the combination of the circulatory and excretory systems of the body all in one unit.  Supply lines bring in fresh, clean water from the reservoir for use in all of those household appliances and fixtures. The drain lines lead away from the house and to a water treatment facility. These two systems do not mix.

Faucets and Toilets and Sinks- Oh My!

So many parts of the home hook up to the plumbing, both indoor and outdoor. Just as there are a plethora of options for decorating a home, there are just as many options when choosing fixtures and appliances

Bathroom Sinks

  • Pedestal Sinks:  Perfect for small bathrooms and feature an elegant, typically ceramic pillar on which the sink sits. Again, excellent for small half baths or powder rooms.
  • Vessel Sinks: Appear to sit on top of the counter like an old-fashioned washbasin. They come in a great variety of aesthetics and are a lovely centrepiece for bathroom decor. 
  • Vanity Sinks: Traditional sinks with storage underneath are perfect for the master bath or wherever storage is needed.


  • Gravity-assisted: This is essentially the traditional toilet that uses the weight of the water in the tank to flush waste into the sewer system.
  • Pressure-assisted: These toilets use water pressure to assist the flush and use less water due to the force used.
  • Dual-Flush: This eco-friendly toilet has a half-flush and a full flush depending on what “business” has taken place.

Outdoor Connections

  • Hose Bibs: This is the traditional faucet that attaches to a hose.
  • Sprinkler systems: These can be fed through a hose bib or a more direct supply line connection.
  • Pools/Hot Tubs: These also can be connected directly or indirectly to the plumbing.

Why Homeowners Should Clean Their Drains

drian Drain pipes are the waste collectors of the home. They take away waste and dirty water and keep them from returning. While drains may carry the unsightly things from the house, there is no reason they should be neglected. Keeping drains clean is the best way to prevent plumbing emergencies in drainage pipes that might creep up on an unsuspecting homeowner. Proper maintenance can help prevent the following issues:
  • Clogs
  • Odours
  • Flooding/Backups
  • Inefficiency

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