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What Tools Do HVAC Technicians Need In Their Toolbelt?

What Tools Do Heating and AC Contractors Use?

Have you ever been curious about what kind of tools are common for heating and AC contractors to keep in their toolbelts? HVAC technicians carry a variety of hand tools, many specialized for a specific heating and cooling service.

In addition to the tools of the trade used to work on an HVAC unit, heating technicians also have to make sure they have the right kind of safety gear. Working on heaters can be dangerous because of the high temperatures, so safety goggles and gloves are a must. 

Hand Tools for HVAC Technicians 

tools Heating and cooling technicians need to carry various tools in preparation for every job. Flashlights are always necessary to help the technician see when working in poor light conditions. Screwdrivers and wrenches will typically be in their toolbelts, with some smaller sizes needed to adjust small parts inside the unit. 

Sometimes pliers and wire cutters are necessary to repair or install an HVAC unit. Another essential tool is a tape measurer for taking accurate measurements to fit pieces. Cordless drills are used by heating and cooling unit technicians to take apart and put back together the unit. HVAC technicians will carry all these hand tools and more to prepare for any job. 

Safety Equipment for HVAC Contractors 


Being a heating technician can be dangerous since there are many hazards. The contractor should always have gloves, masks, and goggles to protect themselves. Additional safety equipment may be necessary to protect the body. Non-slip work shoes are essential. 

In addition to eyewear to protect vision and gloves to protect the skin, HVAC technicians should also wear masks. Sometimes, there can be gas inside a heating or air conditioning unit that could be harmful to breathe in. Wearing a mask protects the contractor from inhaling chemicals, mold, or other hazardous substances while on the job. 

Specialized Tools for Heating Technicians 

Many people have never heard of some of the heating technicians' tools. These specialized tools are used for heating and cooling repairs, installation, and maintenance. 

One specialized tool that HVAC technicians use is a coil fin straightener or a coil fin comb. This tool is used to straighten out the coils of the cooling element if they get bent during cleaning. 

The refrigerant inside the AC unit can start to leak inside of the system and cause damage to the sensitive electrical components. Leak detectors are handheld devices that the technician uses to find the leak so that the technician can repair it. 

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