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Top Professional Plumbing Equipment for Clearing Clogged Drains

How to Clean a Drain with Different Tools

It’s important that drains are cleaned regularly to avoid clogs, odors, and bacteria that can occur when they are neglected. Plumbing companies offer drain cleaning services to help prevent clogs and their effects. 

However, sometimes clogs do happen, and plumbers are there to help. They have the right tools to get the job done quickly and safely. This article outlines the professional tools and methods plumbers use to clear clogged drains. 

The Drain Snake snake

A drain snake is a long, flexible tool with an auger on one end and a handle on the other. Plumbers use this tool for clearing clogged drains by pushing them down into a drain until they feel resistance. Once resistance is felt, the plumber begins to rotate the drain snake to loosen the blockage. After breaking up the blockage, the plumber can pull the drain snake out and then run water through the drain. The running water will help ensure the blockage breaks up and clears the drain. 

A plumber’s drain snake can also be a substitute for a plunger if the blockage is too difficult to clear. This plumbing tool is one of the most efficient ways to tackle clogged drains. 

The Hydro Jetting Solution 

Hydro jetting is a useful approach to use when clearing clogged drains. A hydro jetting machine has a nozzle allowing water to shoot out multiple ways connected to a hose to create powerful water streams that can effectively clear out clogged drains using water pressure. 

Other uses for hydro jetting include removing intruding tree roots from drain pipes. Tree roots are attracted to water, so roots will often grow towards pipes. Unfortunately, tree roots are strong enough to break a water pipe, and smaller roots can multiply in a line, causing a blockage. It’s important to have only an experienced plumber use the hydro jetting machine when clearing clogged drains to avoid damaging a household's plumbing system. 


Using Video Inspection Equipment

Video inspection equipment is another helpful tool for helping plumbers to clear clogged drains. It is used to investigate where a clog is located in a pipe so professionals can come up with the best solutions to unclog it. Video inspection equipment consists of a camera attached to a fiber-optic cable. The cable is connected to a monitor that allows plumbers to see images inside the pipe. 

These images allow the plumber to determine the best approach to unclog the drain or find other damage inside the pipe. Video inspection equipment is useful for plumbers because it enables them to determine the best course of action to fix a damaged or clogged pipe. It also allows the plumber to show the footage to a homeowner.

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