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The Benefits of Professional Plumbing Inspections

Should You Be Scheduling Plumbing Inspections Before Service?

Your home’s plumbing system is a complex network of pipes, drains, and appliances. This is why facing a problem, such as a leak, can be difficult, especially when pinpointing exactly where the compromised pipe is located. This is often why, when calling a plumber, they will spend time inspecting your plumbing in order to diagnose your plumbing issue before offering a way to repair it.

Although some homeowners may not be inclined to have the plumbing system inspected, it can truly be beneficial to the effectiveness and longevity of the repair. The following information will tell you all you need to know about plumbing and pipe inspections.

How Can Pipe Inspection Cameras Help?

One of the more modern ways that your home’s plumbing can be inspected is with a pipe or sewer camera. This is much what it sounds like: a camera that is fed into your piping system to locate problems. The camera is connected to a flexible cable, and the footage is sent to the plumber on a monitor.

Pipe inspection cameras are frequently used when dealing with sewer line issues, as the sewer line is often under your home’s slab. Inspection cameras are great at diagnosing the following plumbing problems:

  • inspection camerasDrainage Problems: If your sewer line isn’t draining like it’s supposed to or maybe even has a clog, an inspection camera can determine what the problem is.
  • Find Plumbing Lines: Most inspection cameras have locator devices attached to them, which means they can be fed into your plumbing lines and the plumber can use a signal to pinpoint where your lines are on your property. This helps avoid damage during any excavation projects.
  • Plumbing Materials: It can be hard, sometimes, to know what kind of materials your plumbing system may use. A camera can show whether your sewer line is made of PVC or cast iron, and even show the plumber the different tees and other plumbing connections and where they lead.

Why Opt for Sewer Line Inspections?

Every residence has a sewer line. This is the plumbing system that takes waste from your home and flushes it to your city’s main sewer line, which then brings it to a treatment or wastewater plant. Your home’s sewer line is incredibly important for the health and safety of your plumbing system, which is why, when there’s a problem with it, it can be a big deal for any homeowner. A sewer inspection can help you discover if there are any potential problems with your main sewer line.

sewer inspection

Other reasons to consider a sewer inspection include:

  • Cost of Repairs: Inspecting your sewer line is something that is often pretty easy to do, especially with an inspection camera, and therefore is usually inexpensive. But repairs to your sewer line, or full replacements, are often very expensive. This is why having your line inspected can be helpful, allowing your plumber to find an accurate fix instead of guessing where the problem is.
  • Wear and Tear: Nothing lasts forever, not even sewer lines. If you have an older home, you probably have an older sewer line, which means you have a greater risk of experiencing a problem. A sewer inspection can help you get a handle on the current state of your sewer line, no matter the age.
  • Tree Roots: One of the most common problems homeowners face when dealing with their sewer lines are tree roots. Tree roots seek out moisture and nutrients, and so, if left to their own devices, sooner or later they will breach your sewer line and block the flow, causing damage. Inspecting your sewer line can help keep tree roots at bay.

If you’re wondering about the state of your sewer line, consider a sewer inspection today.

The Perks of Detailed & Professional Care

It’s not just your sewer line that can benefit from an inspection. There are many aspects of your entire plumbing system that, when inspected, can add value to your home. Some of the advantages of routine plumbing inspections can include:

  • plumbing benefitHelping to find cracked and broken pipes, thus heightening your pipe's lifespan.
  • Researching the age and status of your pipes.
  • Checking on corrosion levels of your pipes to keep your drinking water safe.
  • Maintaining your home’s value. Inspection reports come in handy when selling your home.
  • Lowering the chances of an unexpected plumbing emergency.
  • Saving costs (and water!) by repairing small leaks before they turn into big problems.

If you’ve never had your plumbing inspected before, consider calling a plumber today and schedule an appointment.

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