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Sewer Video Inspection Services: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding What Sewer Camera Inspection Is All About

Problems in a home’s sewer line are among the worst issues a homeowner can have. Not only are sewer line clogs, leaks, or corrosion inconvenient and could significantly disrupt daily domestic life, but they have also traditionally been difficult to diagnose, find, and fix primarily because the sewer lines are hidden underground and aren’t easily subjected to a visual inspection.

But with more advanced technology available, the days of playing guessing games and requiring extensive excavation have faded into memory. Plumbers and homeowners now benefit from using a sewer inspection camera to assist in locating problems within the sewer line to make accurate diagnoses and repairs. Here is important information about sewer video inspection services and their advantages. 

What Happens During Sewer Camera Inspection?

cameraSewer video inspection services are pretty straightforward. Plumbers use a tiny camera that is attached to a long, flexible cable, which is then inserted into the sewer line. There are sewer access points where the camera and cable can be put down the line to prevent having to excavate. 

The cable is fed into the line, and the camera records the inside of the pipe, while plumbers can see what the camera is recording on a small monitor. This allows the plumber to see the condition of the pipes, the extent of the damage inside, and how far it is into the pipeline. They give plumbers essential information they need to conduct sewer line repair as accurately and noninvasively as possible.

How to Tell if Sewer Video Inspection Is Necessary?

clog While there are many benefits to sewer camera inspection, not all plumbing problems need this kind of technology. Plumbers may recommend video inspection, or homeowners may request it if it seems necessary. Homes that experience chronically backed-up toilets, slow drains, foul smells, and other signs of sewer line clogs will benefit from a sewer video inspection that can show what is causing the clog to determine how best to fix it. They can determine whether the clog is due to intruding tree roots that require drain cleaning and sewer line repair or food waste that only requires drain cleaning. 

Sewer camera inspection also allows plumbers to determine the cause of damage in the sewer line that can cause cracks and leaks like corrosion and tree roots, which can help them determine the best solution to prevent future problems. Additionally, they are important when buying a new home or if a home’s pipes are old to determine the condition of the lines and make necessary repairs and replacements before big issues occur. 

What Are the Advantages of Sewer Video Inspection Services? 

Aside from the fact that sewer video inspection allows plumbers greater accuracy in finding and fixing sewer line problems, this method also gives homeowners peace of mind that the plumber knows for sure what kind of issue they are dealing with and doesn’t have to settle for an educated guess. It also prevents expensive digging and excavation to identify problems. 

Sewer camera inspection also benefits homeowners because it reveals the condition of the pipes, allowing them to be replaced before they crack or burst and cause more significant problems. It can also save homeowners money by preventing the need for excavation and catching minor issues before they become bigger and more expensive to repair.  

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