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Why You Should Never Ignore Water Leaks

Water leaks are a regular occurrence in homes, factories, offices, and just about anyplace with water. Most plumbing facilities run on water and so the possibility of a water leak is high. A water leak could be dangerous, but most times, people tend to ignore the dangers associated with it.

A water leak in the household can come from holes in washing machine hoses, faulty toilet flanges, refrigerators, damaged pipes on sinks and shower and any plumbing facility in the home. Homeowners often overlook a small water leak in homes, but it should not be so.

Water leaks can be dangerous and so should be fixed the moment they are noticed. The size of the hole does not matter, as every leak can pose a potential danger. If you think a small water leak is inconsequential, this article will prove otherwise.

How Can Water Leaks Affect Your Health?

healthissuesA water leak can cause various health infections. If you are struggling with Asthma and some sort of allergy, a water leak can trigger attacks. A leaking pipe means that there is stagnant water present and this is dangerous for respiration.

Also, a water leak causes surface mold to grow in affected areas, and surface mold can cause several infections like eye irritation, rashes, fever, respiratory disease, and cough.

The moisture in homes that have a water leak is the best breeding place for molds, mildews and disease-carrying pests like mosquitoes, which can cause malaria, which is dangerous to your health. The reason why you need to get a professional to fix your water leaks the moment they occur is because it can affect your health negatively.

Rising Bills? Blame a Water Leak!

moneysavingsEven the smallest water drip can cause a significant rise in the cost of your water bills. A continuous leaking pipe in the toilet or dripping faucet can waste up to 20 gallons of water per day.

The most common cause for a high water bill is when you run water from your toilet. If there is a leak in the toilet, the bill will be even higher.

A ¼ inch leak consumes 15,226 gallons of water per day, and this will certainly add up to your water bills. Another reason why you need to fix a water leak immediately you notice it is to save money.

The Proper Plumbing Solution

whofixesleaksWho fixes plumbing leaks? We do! Plumbers are vital in homes, and the most frequent reason why our plumbers get called into homes is to fix a water leak. Pipes get weak, and when they do, they tend to burst.

Other reasons like high pressure and improper handling can cause pipes to get punctured. When a pipe starts leaking, plumbers are called in to help fix them.

Our plumbers are experienced in fixing water leaks and can handle any water leak. If you notice any kind of water leak in your home, do not hesitate to contact us. Our plumbers are skilled and carry out their jobs with great professionalism. Contact us today to handle your water leak issues.


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