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How Your Trees & Landscaping Impact Your Life

There is nothing better than driving along a beautiful tree-lined street in the Summer when they are in full bloom and a sea of green hovers over the sidewalks or in the fall when those same beautiful trees are changing colors, allowing us that cozy feeling as our eyes take in the shades of orange and yellow.

It’s amazing how significant trees can be in our everyday landscape. It’s too bad there isn’t a day to celebrate them…Well, we have some good news! May 16th is “Love a Tree Day!” I’ll be honest, we just discovered this newfound holiday, but we knew we had to share it with you since you and I can play a role in keeping trees alive.

It’s All About That Clean Water

cleanwaterIt’s not a secret that we need trees. They allow us to breathe clean air, provide shade, conserve energy, provide habitat to wildlife and produce so many more benefits to us and our environment.

Without trees, our world wouldn’t be what it is today. That being said, it’s up to us to take care of these living organisms that provide so much to us and one of the ways we can do that is clean water.

If the water a tree is receiving is polluted, oftentimes, a tree won’t be able to soak up the necessary nutrients it needs to survive. It’s kind of like humans if you think about it.

Have You Checked Your Water Filtration System?

waterfilterSimilar to trees, clean water provides a variety of benefits to us including skin health, hydration, optimal joint function, maintains blood pressure, delivers oxygen throughout the body and a million more benefits.

Essentially, without clean water, we can’t survive. Do you have clean water in your house? It may time to reevaluate to ensure that you are nourishing your body (and your outdoor plants and trees) in the best way possible.

Although we may think our water looks clean, without the proper filtration system, we can’t be certain.

Help Us Celebrate “Love a Tree Day”

plantatreeYou may be wondering how you can participate and it’s pretty simple. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating this holiday by collecting rainwater or clean water from your home (if you have a proper filtration system) and choosing one of your favorite neighborhoods to water the trees and plants that make it beautiful.

By doing this, you are helping keep trees alive and in turn helping to sustain the benefits they provide, just by giving them a little bit of clean water. We hope that you’ll join Guardian Plumbing and Drain on May 16th as we celebrate “Love a Tree Day” now that you understand all of the benefits these lovely organisms provide.

If you’re unsure whether or not the water in your home is safe for trees and your household in general, we hope that you will call us so that we can ensure you have a filtration system in place that will maximize the benefits clean water provides to our bodies and the earth.


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