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Don’t be Your Plumbing Expenses’ Fool This Spring!

While we can't save you from being the butt of your friends' April Fools jokes or pranks, we might be able to help you keep from being your plumbing costs' "April fool." If you're wondering what the heck we're talking about, we're talking about helping you save money on plumbing maintenance and other plumbing services you may need, so that the cost of maintaining a plumbing system doesn't get the better of you.

Read on to learn more about how collecting rainwater, maintaining your plumbing, and choosing the right plumbing service company can help you save money on plumbing expenses in the long run.

Collect and Recycle Rain Water

rainwaterThink for a moment about how much money you spend each month on your water bill. What if we told you that rain could help you cut that amount down a bit?

You read that correctly; we said rain! Collecting, or harvesting, rainwater and recycling it for non-potable uses like flushing your toilet and cleaning your floors and windows, reduces "water consumed."

That translates to two benefits:

  1. You get to save money every month on your water bill.
  2. You get to conserve freshwater to aid the global water crisis.

It is true that installing a rain harvesting system outside of your home can be a bit costly (some reservoirs can cost as little as $100, while others can come out to more than $2000), however it is also true that they can bring water bill savings that will make up that cost within a year or two!

Plumbing Maintenance is Key

plumbingmaintenanceThe most practical way to make a difference in your plumbing expenses is to invest in proper plumbing maintenance.

The cost of regular drain cleanings, pipe inspections, and other basic maintenance is a small portion of the cost to repair damage caused by a lack of maintenance.

In other words, you could save money by taking care of your plumbing and preventing an expensive plumbing issue, like a broken pipe, clogged drain, or hidden water leak.

Save Money When You Work With Guardian Plumbing & Drain

savemoneyChoosing the right plumbing service company can also help you save money on services too. Some companies offer better deals or prices on services than others.

If you live in Cobourg or the surrounding areas and are looking to save even more on your plumbing services, then you're in luck!

Not only does Guardian Plumbing and Drain offer competitive prices on all our plumbing maintenance and repair services, but we also have coupons available for a variety of services, to help you save even more money! Not sure that you can afford the plumbing services you need right now?

Guardian Plumbing and Drain also offers excellent financing options, so you can always get the services you need. The talented and knowledgeable staff at Guardian Plumbing and Drain are dedicated to helping you solve all of your plumbing problems, including your plumbing expense problems!

That’s why we offer 24-7 live help, same day service, and free on-site estimates, all backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call Guardian Plumbing and Drain today at (289) 251-1626 for personal attention to your plumbing needs in Cobourg, ON.


Receive a free price quote on site. This ensures that you receive an accurate solution right from the start.


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