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3 Ways Automated Shower Plumbing Can be Enjoyed in Any Home!

Hey, Google, what’s up with this smart home trend that’s going on today? See what we did there? The idea of automated appliances in smart homes used to seem futuristic, but in the last few years, it has become something of a norm.

Most of us know someone who has at least some smart appliances if we don't have them ourselves. One smart fixture that everyone should have installed in their home is a digital shower!

Read on to learn more about this amazing innovation that you can have right in your own home, with some plumbing system tweaks!

Any Home Can be a Smart Home

smarthomeOnce upon a time, the idea of a smart home would probably conjure images from TV's The Jetsons. Today, however, we are quite literally living in that future, and just about any house can be turned into a smart home!

People all across the country have adopted a new modern lifestyle that includes asking Alexa to turn the lights off or lock the front door. Other functions of a smart home include controlling the temperature of the air, and even your shower!

The bathroom is one of the best rooms that can be converted into a smart room, in terms of the number of appliances you can digitally control! From digital showers to smart sink faucets, and even digitally heated toilet seats, can all be installed to make your bathroom all the more convenient.

Which Digital Shower is Right For You?

showerheadOne of the most considerable advantages of digital showers is that everything can be controlled from one panel, so there is no clutter. This makes them ideal for smaller shower spaces.

If you prefer to operate your shower controls remotely from your smartphone, you'll want to look for one that is compatible with your phone, or compromise and get one that has a separate remote.

If you want a combination shower and bathtub, you should look for a digital system that can switch from shower to tub-fill with the tap of a button. Finally, if you are specifically looking to transform your shower into a relaxing oasis, or a spa-like environment, you'll likely want to look for a shower with speakers to stream relaxing music, and lights for chromotherapy.

Why You Need a Digital Shower Head

prosconsWhile you may be satisfied with your conventional shower head right now, that will likely change once the rest of your shower plumbing has been updated.

One of the most commonly installed luxury shower heads is a rain shower. The rain shower is installed directly overhead so that your shower is transformed into a relaxing gentle rainfall.

The next step up after rain showers are automated body sprayers. These gently spray water on you from all directions to envelop you in warmth. The sprayers can also be turned slightly to spray specific areas of the body, if you have a sore shoulder or bad back, for example.

If this article got you excited about improving your quality of life by automating your home shower, don't keep it to yourself! Share this article with your family and friends through social media. And when you're ready to install your own digital shower, give Guardian Plumbing and Drain a call at (289) 251-1626 for shower installation in Cobourg!


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