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How Working on Your Outdoor Plumbing this Spring Can Help You All Season Long

Spring is here, which means that it is the season to tackle your home maintenance. The snow is melting in Cobourg, ON and with warmer temperatures on the way; it is a pleasant and perfect time to make your way through your to-do list.

Make sure to include attending to your outdoor plumbing in your tasks. Here is what you should do.

Hose Repair

Outdoor HosesBefore you put your hoses back on the job for the spring and the summer, check for damage. Both rubber and plastic hoses tend to break over time, so if you’ve got a crack, water will fly everywhere when you are trying to water the lawn.

Use a repair kit to patch them. Avoid damage by hanging hoses up when not in use and removing kinks. If it is easier, use a hose caddy.

Check Your Sprinklers

SprinklerOnce the snow has cleared, check your lawn for signs of water line leaks in your sprinkler system. Watch for pooling water and sunken patches. Also, open up the valve boxes and look for water.

They should be dry and if they are not, you have a leak. Check the regulators and change the batteries.

Ensure the date and time settings are correct for the watering. Look to see if the sprinkler heads are in good shape and clear away dirt and debris.

Gutter Clean-Out

Home GuttersLeaves and other debris will no doubt be in your gutters after the winter. You need to clean those gutters out regularly. It’s smarter to use a broom than your hose because a hose will waste water.

If the water can’t get to the downspouts to drain, it may end up close to the foundation which can be problematic for leaks and water damage.

Faucet Fixing

Outdoor FaucetEven if you have a frost-free faucet, they can still freeze over the winter. The risk is greater if you leave hoses attached because the small amount of water in them is enough to cause cracks when it freezes.

Turn the faucet on and off and take note if water remains. To check for leaks in the supply line, turn the faucet on full blast with your hand over the spigot.

If you can contain the water with your hand, that signals a leak which needs repair. The water pressure should be stronger. Winter can be hard on your outdoor plumbing, so take some time to look for leaks and damage.


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