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What’s Behind the Rotten Smells in Your Plumbing?

Clogged drains can be an annoyance, but most people don’t think of it as much more than that. Unfortunately, with clogged drains come some pretty nasty problems.

One of these problems includes smelling rotten eggs every time you flush the toilet or pass the sink. This is a sure sign that you need a drain cleaning!

You may think that drain cleaning is as simple as pouring a store-bought fluid into the sink. In reality, you could be making the problem much, much worse.

We will be discussing why your plumbing could smell rotten, the effects it can have, and what you can do about it. Keep reading for more information!

A Contaminated Sink Could be the Problem

Having a clogged drain could pose more of a threat than just being an annoyance. When water backs up or sits stagnantly, bacteria tends to grow.

You can have the cleanest bathroom around, but if your pipes are dirty, your sink and shower will remain contaminated. These germs and bacteria can cause illness that is associated with E. Coli and even salmonella.

Both of these types of bacteria will cause infection. They do vary in some of their symptoms but can mimic a nasty case of food poisoning. Some of their symptoms include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

All of which can be avoided by ensuring your drains aren’t contaminated. Oddly enough, many of these bacteria can develop a resistance to household cleaners. This implies that as long as there is water standing, they will stick around.

Dealing with Sulfur Deposits in Your Pipes

Another cause of smelly plumbing can be having sulfur on your pipes. A sulfur smell occurs because hydrogen sulfide gas is present.

The smell can be rooted in the sewage, the ground, or contaminated water and pipes. If the sulfur smell is caused by your pipes, there will be a need for professional drain cleaning.

It is possible to clean pipes yourself. However, it is unlikely to solve the problem permanently and liquids like bleach can and will harm your pipes. You should note that sulfur bacteria is not harmful when consumed, although the smell is quite unpleasant. Whether the smell is coming from your pipes, your drains, or your sewage a call to a professional is needed!

Work With a Licensed Plumber

When you’re experiencing slow drainage in your sinks or smelling rotten eggs, don’t attempt to fix it. ‘Fixing’ it yourself will result in short-term results.

After these short-term results have faded, the clog or the smell will return. Unfortunately, there aren’t any quick fixes for these problems and attempting to do so can damage plumbing resulting in costly repair bills.

To avoid major repairs, it is advisable to call a professional plumber. Guardian Plumbing and Drain offers 24-hour help, same-day service, and estimates before any job is started. If you are experiencing slow drains or rotten-smelling drains, call Guardian Plumbing and Drain today!


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