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Stop Leaks and Enjoy a Healthy Plumbing System With This Comprehensive Guide

You know that you don’t want to experience the damage and stress of plumbing leaks, but do you know what you have to do to prevent them?

You’re in luck! Because this comprehensive guide gives you a good idea of what tasks you need to take on to protect your Cobourg, ON home.

Preventing emergency leaks will not only save you from costly repair bills, but it can also keep your water bills manageable too. Even a small leak wastes a lot of money. Ready to get started? Here is what you need to know.

Pipe CorrosionHow to Slow Corrosion

Over time, your pipes will likely rust a little. The idea is to slow that process because that corrosion will weaken pipes and cause leaks.

If you’ve got copper pipes, consider replacing them with PVC, because it is more durable. A water softener can help as well because you’ll reduce the number of aggressive minerals in your water.

Run water often to reduce the time that water stands in the pipes. Keep the temperature moderate. If it is too hot, it will speed up corrosion.

Drain Cleaners are Toxic

Chemical Clog RemoverBefore you reach for that drain cleaner to clear up a clog, there are a few things that you should know.

Although you may break through that clog in the moment, the long-term damage and water leaks that will come from the repeated use of commercial cleaners make them a bad choice.

There is a lot of hydrochloric acid in those cleaners, which will eat away at your pipes. They might even cause damage to your plumbing fixtures and countertops as well. Work on clog prevention instead, by keeping food matter and grease out of your sinks. Put a hair trap in your shower and bathtub drains.

Learn how to Find Leaks

Identify a LeakIf you really want to protect your home, learn how to find water leaks before they become bigger problems.

Some obvious signs include moisture on pipes, pooling water, mold growth, sunken patches on your lawns and rising water bills.

Check floors, walls, and ceilings. Don’t forget to pull out appliances and check plumbing fixtures thoroughly too.

Water Pressure Regulated

Low Water PressureWhile having high water pressure is very convenient when washing the dishes, bathing or filling pots for cooking, that same blast is going to cause damage to your pipes.

The extra force could cause leaks. You are better off to turn the pressure down. If you have trouble keeping it under 60 psi, you should get a water pressure regulator installed.

Don’t leave the health of your plumbing to chance. Take these easy steps to ensure the health of your system for years to come.


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