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Setting a Sink into Your Granite Countertops

Installing a sink in a granite countertop is no easy task. Although it can provide a big aesthetic boost to your kitchen, homeowners in Cobourg, ON should beware of the potential issues.

Granite is not only expensive but also difficult to shape or cut. Everything must be done right on the first try, and you will want to hire a reputable kitchen plumbing company to lend a hand.

We've written this article to help homeowners understand what's involved in the process. These tips describe everything you need to know about setting a sink into your granite countertop.

Find the Right Sink for Your Kitchen

“matchingsink”Before getting started, you need to measure how much counter space you have to work with and the dimensions of your new sink. Try to find plumbing elements that will easily fit within the counter space while also serving your family's needs.

If the sink is too large, it could present problems while cutting the granite. If it's too small, you'll be compromising functionality. Also, remember you will need enough space for faucets and taps. Major hardware stores should carry an extensive line of kitchen plumbing products, so be thorough and take your time searching for the right sink for your kitchen.

Take Exact Measurements

“rightmeasurement”Working with granite means you only get one shot at making each cut. Every measurement you take must be precise to the millimeter. Any small mistakes could mess up the installation and force you to start over, which will be costly.

Measurements must also match the type of sink you plan to buy. Top-mounting sinks, which are seated on the granite, need a hole large enough for the basin to fit in but small enough for the rim to rest on the counter.

Undermount sinks that are installed beneath the countertop require a hole which equalling the exact size of the sink. If a sink doesn't have built-in spaces for faucets and taps, separate measurements and cuts will need to be made for these features. Accurate measurements are essential for a successful project.

Contact a Technician to Lend a Hand

“callaplumber”Working with granite often requires the aid of a professional. Shaping and cutting this material requires specialized tools often only made available to contractors. If you try to do it alone with ordinary tools, you could be putting yourself in danger.

Get in touch with a kitchen plumbing technician if you want the job done right the first time. They may even offer you a replacement guarantee for your countertop if any errors occur during the project. Allow the experts to take care of this technical project.


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