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Quick Tips to Save Money for the Holiday Shopping

Getting the HVAC System on Your Side for the Holidays

The holidays have a way of confounding a household budget. So many things are going on that can create unplanned expenses that it becomes necessary for homeowners to take every chance to protect their budget. There are thousands of tidbits of advice for making it through the holidays financially sound, but none of them pertain to keeping bills lower.

One of the best things a homeowner can do during the holidays is making sure heating bills stay low. Coincidentally, the holidays are during the season when heating bills can sneak up and rob from the holiday fund. Luckily, local furnace contractors are here to offer advice to keep bills low. By following their advice, homeowners don’t need to waste money on their heating bills and can instead spend it celebrating the season.

Install Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are powerful pieces of technology that can help homeowners get their utility spending under control. A smart thermostat integrates seamlessly with a home’s wifi and heating system. Once installed, a smart thermostat will begin to learn the habits of people living in the house. It will then make adjustments to the temperature to maximize both savings and comfort. A smart thermostat can make a big difference in monthly heating bills by allowing the home to cool down when no one is there and heating it only when people are present.

There are multiple smart thermostats on the market today that are easy to install. Most models offer similar features, but each one has a feature that sets it apart. Research can help homeowners pick the perfect one, but the bottom line is the same: all can offset their purchase cost with energy savings.

Routine Air Filter Replacement

The cheapest and easiest thing a homeowner can do to lower heating bills is to change the air filter in the furnace regularly. Clogged air filters restrict airflow and reduce the efficiency of a heater leading to higher bills and lower comfort. Air filters should be replaced every three months in most households to keep the air clean and efficiency high.

Along with lower bills, changing the air filters regularly has benefits such as:

  • Less dust around the home
  • Fewer respiratory problems from allergies
  • Fewer repair bills for the central heating and air conditioning

Get Heater Maintenance on the Schedule

The holidays are ramping up, and things are getting busy. But one thing that shouldn't be neglected is professional furnace maintenance. Furnace maintenance is one of the easiest ways to save money during the holidays as temperatures plummet. But how does heater maintenance save money? It saves money by:

  • Reducing mechanical problems that require repairs
  • Increasing efficiency and lowering bills
  • Preventing emergency repair calls
  • Reducing the likelihood of illness by providing clean indoor air
  • Increased productivity through easy comfort

Professional maintenance will ensure that the heater is ready for the winter. By investing in the equipment, the dividends can pay off all through the holiday season.

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