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Tips for Protecting Your Home From Old Plumbing

August 21 is World Senior Citizen’s Day, a time to celebrate our grandparents and wise seniors in our life. While it may be a day to love on old people, it isn’t time to love on old pipes.

Face it. Old people are great, but old plumbing is the worst. It requires constant attention. It won’t stop clogging and needs constant drain cleaning services. And it could fully conk at any minute.

Okay, maybe that sounds like grandma too, but at least she makes good cookies! Continue reading to find out how to keep your plumbing young and fresh so it doesn’t die a slow, expensive death.

Resisting Pressure Problems

waterpressureOne of the most common issues with old pipes is a lack of water pressure due to building up of different debris. Much like plaque in the arteries, our pipes (especially metal and copper) can build up unwanted material over time.

Although galvanized metal has a zinc covering, which acts as a shield to rust, that coating is not invincible and can deteriorate over time. This can lead to unsafe drinking water if the pipes do begin to rust or start to build debris.

Other common substances that build up in your pipes are soap scum, food, and hair. Avoid letting these go down an unfiltered drain in order to maintain the health of your pipes over the long term.

The more debris taking up space in the pipes, the less room the water has to pass through. Your water pressure can virtually diminish over time. This means your once massage-like shower can become a light drizzle of rusty water if you don’t pay attention to your pipes.

Avoiding Health Issues

healthissuesOld pipes can create a host of health issues for the people living in the home. Think about the number of times you turn the faucet and drink, bathe in, and wash things with the water from your pipes. That’s a lot of times.

Daily exposure to unhealthy water can be dangerous and even deadly. Don’t let this preventable problem hinder your family’s quality of life. Pipe rust can be a dangerous contaminant to your water system.

There is also the potential for old pipes to contain traces of lead or lead-based products. This is a common issue with copper piping. If you know your copper pipes were installed in the 20th Century, it would be worth the cost to test your water for traces of lead.

It is important to consider the up-front cost of updating your pipes as an investment into you and your family’s overall health. It could be the difference in a life of health and a life of perpetual sickness.

Stopping the Constant Clogs

constantclogsThe annoying clogs in your pipes may be a result of something that shouldn’t have gone down the drain. But if you’re living with extremely old pipes, chances are it’s just another build-up. That same debris that lowers the water pressure can also build up so much that it completely clogs your plumbing system.

When a big clog occurs, it can cause chaos. Flooding and overflows are common aftermaths of a clogged pipe, leading you to constant hydrojetting services. By changing your pipes or having them cleared, you will protect the rest of your home from the horrors of a big, bad clog.

Unlike fine wine or our beloved senior population, our plumbing does not get better with age. Avoid lower water pressure, health scares, and constant clogs by being attentive to the efficiency and effectiveness of your pipes. If you’re questioning or worrying about the age of your pipes, call (289) 251-1626 now to discuss a happier, healthier future.


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