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Tips for Protecting Your Sewer Main


Common Sewer Line Issues

A sewer main problem is usually a big cause for concern. A blocked sewer line can prevent you from flushing waste away after making use of the restroom.

It can also make your toilets smell really bad, making it unpleasant to stay in the restroom for a long period of time. When a sewer line is down, the whole house suffers.

That’s why it’s important to know how to fix it. This article discusses what a sewer line is, why it might need to be serviced, and what you can do to prevent clogs in the system.

How Does Your Sewer Line Work?

sewer lineIn a house, there are many pipelines that carry waste. These lines hook up to the main line, called the sewer main, that then leaves your house and connects to the city’s main sewer line. Most sewer lines work using gravity.

Once the waste enters the sewer line, it flows accompanied by water downwards to the area where it connects to the next line and keeps doing so until it ends up falling down into the city sewer line.

Without the sewer main, waste would just sit in your house without a way to leave except for you taking it out. While this is an acceptable way to take care of food waste, waste from the toilet would end up stinking a lot faster.

Signs You Need Sewer Line Services

sewer line services

A lot of sewer line problems can lead to the need for a plumbing professional. The most common sewer line problem is a sewer clog. You can tell if your sewer is clogged if your toilet or sink takes longer to drain than normally.  Loud gurgling noises from trapped air are also a good sign of a clogged sewer line.

You also might notice a bad odour in certain areas in your home. These clogs are caused in many different ways. Tree roots that have grown into the pipe can cause clogging. If anybody flushed products not meant to be flushed such as diapers or sanitary products, this also causes clogging. Cracked pipes also lead to clogging.

Another sewer line concern that might lead to needing your sewer serviced is a leaking pipeline. You can tell if your pipeline is leaking in a variety of different ways. If one area of your yard is much greener than another, there is probably a leak in the area. Standing pools of water inside or outside your house in abnormal areas is a good sign of a leaking pipe. Low water pressure is also a good indicator of a leaking pipe that needs to be serviced.

Sewer Maintenance Can Prevent Clogs

sewer maintenance

Sewer line repairs can be costly and time-consuming, so it is best to avoid them. Being careful and routine maintenance on your line can help prevent any major sewer issues. Don’t flush down the sink or toilet products that aren’t meant to be flushed.

If the product is meant to be flushed but is really large, it is probably safer to throw it away. Check your water bill to see if an abnormal amount of water is being used.

Also, take notice if anything smells different or if there are any strange water pools around your house. If you do notice a problem, call sooner rather than later so you can avoid any big sewer problems.

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