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This Valentine's Day, Give Yourself The Gift Of A Relaxing Bath

Take Self-Care To The Next Level With A New Bathtub

Whether alone or with a loved one this Valentine’s Day, the gift of self-care can go a long way toward boosting mood and increasing energy. What better form of self-care exists than treating oneself to a long, relaxing bath?

Baths are ordinarily a great way to unwind, but homeowners can take the experience to the next level with a new bathtub installation. Adding aromatherapy, chromotherapy, and music therapy to the mix will increase the benefits of bathtime.

Explore the Many Types of Bathtubs


Bathtubs are no longer ‘one size fits all.’ Modern bathtubs come in a huge variety of sizes, shapes, colours, and styles, with a wide range of additional features that make bathtime a truly luxurious experience. Here are just some of the types of bathtubs available on the market today:

  • Freestanding: Freestanding bathtubs have recently come back into popularity. Options range from vintage clawfoot tubs to sleek flat-bottomed tubs. They can be positioned anywhere in the room and are often a focal point in modern bathrooms.
  • Drop-in: Designed to be dropped into a pre-built deck or surround, this type is quite versatile. All four sides are unfinished, but it has a lip that sits on top of the surrounding material. Drop-in bathtubs provide a chic finished look.
  • Alcove: Also known as recessed tubs, these are designed to fit into a three-walled nook. This type only has one finished side, as the other three sides are enclosed by walls. It can be quite large and deep and may include features such as jets.
  • Walk-in: Walk-in tubs feature a watertight door that allows bathers to step into the tub rather than having to climb over the side. These can usually be retrofitted for any given space and often include safety grab-bars, making them ideal for the elderly or people with mobility challenges.
  • Tub & shower combo: These are widely recognized as the fibreglass tub and shower stall commonly found in households, but they are now available in more colours and materials than ever before. This option is ideal for family homes. In addition, many of the types listed above can accommodate a shower add-on.

When shopping for a new bathtub, a local plumber can assess the plumbing and space homeowners are working with and help them choose a bathtub that will check off all their “must-haves.” 

Add Aromatherapy, Chromotherapy, and Music Therapy to the Bathing Routine

So the new bathtub was installed. They have a soft towel, some bubble bath, a waterproof pillow, and maybe even a glass of wine. What else can homeowners do to maximize their bath’s relaxation potential? How about trying one of the following:

  • Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy is the practice of using aromatics to connect with the scent-sensors in the brain, triggering a physical reaction. The goal can be to relax, soothe, or energize. To enjoy aromatherapy at bath time, add essential oils or fragrant bath bombs and soaps to the bathwater. 
  • Chromotherapy: Chromotherapy, sometimes called colour therapy, is the science of using colour to adjust body vibrations to healthy frequencies. In a bath, this is usually accomplished using underwater lights in combination with hydrotherapeutic water jets.
  • Music Therapy: Music therapy is when music is used to accomplish therapeutic goals, usually to soothe, calm, and re-energize. What music they listen to while bathing depends on personal preference and their desired effect. Popular streaming services have many playlists to choose from that offer upbeat, energizing music or calm, low-key music to help relax.

The Shower Can Be a Relaxing Experience, Too

If taking a bath isn’t a homeowner’s cup of tea, the shower can be equally as relaxing. A new shower installation is a great place to start, instantly giving their surroundings a facelift. They can also improve their shower experience by upgrading the showerhead. Modern showerheads are available in a variety of styles. “Rain” showerheads are currently popular for their luxurious, relaxing feel.


Besides that, aromatherapy, chromotherapy, and music therapy aren’t limited just to the bath. Listening to music during a shower is a fun and effective way to boost the mood. Underwater chromotherapy lights are just as effective in the shower, too. And using fragrant shower gels, shower bombs, or burning candles will provide all the benefits of aromatherapy.

For ideas on how to upgrade a bathroom by installing a new bathtub or shower, consult a local plumbing company.

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