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Presenting the 3 Most Common Plumbing Tools Game Show Style

Presenting the 3 Most Common Plumbing Tools 

Welcome to the Plumbing Game Show! We will get to know the three most popular plumbing tools that professional plumbers keep in their toolbelts for this episode. By the end of the game, players will know which tools plumbers use daily and how to use them! Let’s get started with our Bachelor #1.


Bachelor #1: Drain Snakes/Augers 

Got a clogged drain? If so, then a drain snake may be the right tool to get the job done. Drain snakes save the day when a plunger fails to remove a clog. Professional plumbers use drain snakes, nicknamed “the toilet jack,” for clogged drain repair. The long metal snake is fed into the drain. Electric drain snakes can remove a clog, but some drain snakes are manual. 

There are different types of drain snakes for other occasions. Large and medium machines are used for removing the giant clogs, with the snakes reaching as long as 100 ft to get clogs deep in the plumbing system. For toilet clogs, a toilet auger will do the trick. These have a shorter length. A longer snake will be necessary for showers, tubs, sinks, and washing machines like a top snake drain auger. 



Bachelor #2: The 3 Most Popular Wrenches 

wrenchesNext, we have the most versatile of our contestants, the wrench. Plumbers often need to use two twists at one time to get the job done, which requires quite a bit of skill. Using the correct wrench for the right job is essential for getting the job done right. There are quite a few wrenches for a plumber to pick from, but we’ll discuss the three most popular. 

No plumbing toolbelt is complete without a pipe wrench. These large wrenches are used for precisely what the name implies, pipes. For a leaky faucet, a basin wrench is a tool to pick since they are made especially for getting into those hard-to-reach spots for adjusting parts. Adjustable wrenches are great for making adjustments to hexagonal bolts and nuts. 

Bachelor #3: Safety Equipment 

Bachelor #3 is here to save the day with safety equipment to protect the eyes, skin, hands, knees, head, and joints for plumbers who want to feel safe and protected. Plumbers get down and dirty on job sites, and without proper protection, they put themselves at risk for injury or illness. 

Plumbers should always wear safety goggles and gloves. It can be hard to predict when a nut or bolt may fly off a plumbing fixture and hit an eye during repairs, so it is better to be safe than sorry and cover the eyes. The right shoes are also important. A plumber could easily fall from slipping on water from a leak without proper nonslip shoes. Most plumbers will need to wear a hard hat to work on a construction site. 

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