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Is It Ghosts or the Plumbing Going Bump in the Night?

Spooky Plumbing Sounds Reveal the State of a Plumbing System

Plumbing problems tend to be an invisible threat lurking over the home. But, while they may not always be seen, they can often be heard. Pipes and drains are good about making strange noises when they're not functioning properly. 

It's important to pay close attention to alien noises coming from a home's plumbing and call a professional to investigate and fix any issues before they become a big (and expensive) problem.

Dreadful Dripping

Is there a constant drip, drip, drip coming from the sink? Perhaps the shower keeps dribbling a steady stream of water? These are signs of plumbing leaks. Most plumbing leaks result from loose fittings or gaskets and can be fixed by tightening the fittings or replacing the gasket. Dripping that may look like a leak could even be caused by condensation or leftover water in a faucet. 

However, new dripping after freezing temperatures or constant dripping when the water has not been run are more likely to be caused by loose pipes that need to be braced, cracked pipes that need repairing, or damaged pipes and may need to be replaced

Nasty Knocking


Knocking pipes can make a racket even ghosts would admire. They are a fairly common occurrence in homes with older copper plumbing systems, faulty or no pressure regulator, or abrupt water supply shut offs. 

Copper pipes tend to expand from hot water. If the pipes run in tighter areas, they may rub together and create a knocking noise. Save in cases of a full remodeling, it is best and most economical to have padding installed to prevent the knocking.

When water pressure abruptly increases, it can cause the knocking sounds that plague the home. Modern homes usually come with a pressure regulator that prevents excessive water pressure. These regulators help prevent the damage too-high water pressure can cause to appliances and pipes and a great investment for any home.

A very common cause of knocking is the abrupt shut off of the water. When water shuts off quickly, it will slam against the shutoff valve, creating a "water hammer." This event may sound harmless, but the hammer's force can damage joints and connects, and lead to leaks. Often these can be prevented by routine maintenance of the system's air chamber, which absorbs excess shock from rushing water. 

Gruesome Gurgling 

Does the shower weirdly gurgle when the toilet is flushed? Does the sink gurgle when the shower starts up? If yes, then there might be a problem with the plumbing. 


Air trouble tends to be a major culprit of gurgling. When pipes are flushed, air replaces the water to force it down the drain. If water does not replace the air, it forms a vacuum, and water will stop draining properly. If the ventilation system of the plumbing is broken or blocked, gurgling will ensue. 

If the shower or toilet is gurgling, there's a chance the p-trap is empty, broken, or non-existent. The p-trap prevents methane gas from the plumbing system from entering the home through the shower. It also prevents air from flowing back into the drain, which, when present, creates the gurgling sound. If running the faucet does not rectify the issue, a plumbing professional can check to see if a p-trap needs replaced or installed. 

Sometimes all it takes to banish the noises that go bump in the night is a local plumber. A qualified plumbing expert will locate the source of the strange plumbing noises and remedy the problem quickly, returning the home to a peaceful quiet. 

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