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How to Tell If It's Time to Replace the Water Heater in the Home

3 Signs to Look for to Determine Whether or Not to Install a New Water Heater

Life is busy, and most homeowners don’t think to check water heaters consistently unless there is a problem. Maybe the water is discolored, or tap water doesn’t taste quite right even after boiling. Water pressure could be low or hot water runs out halfway through a shower. An unexpectedly high water bill could cause an anxiety-ridden homeowner a lot of undue stress. A professional water heater company can help with replacing a water heater or upgrading to a tankless water heater if the following signs are noted:

Sign #1: Visually Inspect Tank for Leakswater heater

Look around the unit's base for puddles or rust that could soon lead to leaks. According to a standard home maintenance plan intended to prevent corrosion, sediment in the tank could lead to rust if the tank has not been drained every six months in the tank could lead to rust if the tank has not been drained every six months according to a standard home maintenance plan intended to prevent corrosion. Next, inspect for cracks or fractures in the casing of the unit. 

A water heater intends to heat water continuously, so the fluctuating temperatures and the expansion and contraction of the tank naturally lead to cracking or fissures after prolonged use. If any leaks, cracks, or fractures are found, contact a professional immediately because built-up pressure in the tank could be dangerous if it causes an explosion. 

Sign #2: How Old is the Water Heater?

The anticipated useful life of a water heater, according to most manufacturers, is approximately ten years. If the water heater is less than six years old, there is likely a manufacturer warranty that could be used for replacement. 

Some units will last longer if properly managed, but water heater replacement may become necessary if a team is over ten years old and not operating efficiently. If the group's age is not readily available on the outside of the unit, find the serial number and plug that into the manufacturer's website to find out exactly how old that piece of equipment is. 

water Sign #3: Water Quality and Impurities

Rust-colored hot water could be caused by pipe corrosion, bacteria growth, water heater corrosion, or mineral deposits from the water supply. Some bacteria in the pipes are good, but introducing iron-reducing elements into the water system could speed decay. 

One solution to bacteria in the water supply is to shock the system by introducing chlorine and flushing. If a well is present on the property, this could introduce clay, sand, mud, and debris into the water heater that could impact the unit's durability over time and cause water to look brown or murky in the short term. 

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