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Forget About Sewer System Backups Today... And From Now On!

De-Mystifying & Preventing Sewer System Backups

Did you know that a sewer system backup could cause raw sewage to uncontrollably spill out of all your drains and toilets? Not a pleasant thought. All of the toilets and drains in your home lead to the main sewer line that runs out of your home. If anything causes a blockage that stops the flow of water and waste, a sewer line backup can occur. Not only is a block in the line a possibility, but a pressure issue could occur that can cause the sewage to reverse. This means it can start flowing into your home through the drains and toilets, instead of out.

Not only can this cause nasty water damage to your home, but sewage can also cause health issues from being exposed to raw sewage. It’s also possible for groundwater to become contaminated if your sewer line is cracked. Here is some information that can help you prevent this disaster before it happens, so you can have peace of mind.

The Basics of Sewer System Backups

sewer system backupYour plumbing system is made up of many pipes that bring water in and remove waste and waste-water. Using gravity alone, the pipes that transport waste out of your home lead to the main sewer line. This sewer line generally runs underground in your yard and under your home. The sewer line then runs to either a septic tank or your city’s sewer main.

Sometimes a clog or other issue can stop the flow of waste through your sewer line, creating a nasty ordeal for you. Some issues will stop allowing drains to drain or toilets to flush down, but pressure issues can actually cause waste reversal. Let’s be real, nobody wants to deal with that.

Why Does Your System Backup?

Even though most homeowners look for ways to protect a house from sewer backups, they still occur. There are three common reasons for sewer system backups. The first has to do with your disposal habits. Flushing things not meant to be flushed, like sanitary products, big hairballs, or diapers, can easily cause a big clog in your sewer line. Trying to put large amounts of food in your garbage disposal at once can cause a blockage and so can pouring grease or fat down your pipes. The grease builds up and hardens on the inside of your pipe, causing a waste-flow issue.

reasons for sewer backup

The last two reasons for sewer system backups have to do with what’s happening underground in your yard. If you have an older home it’s possible that your sewer line is made of metal that can deteriorate over time. This can cause the pipe to break or collapse, causing a backup. Another culprit is tree roots. Since tree roots are always looking for nourishment, a wastewater pipe is an enticing spot to take up residence. As the tree roots enter your pipe through a small crack, they grow more and more, eventually causing a blockage.

How To Prevent Sewer System Issues

preventing sewer backupThankfully there are a few things you can do to prevent a sewage problem in your home. First, you’ll want to make sure you’re only flushing waste and toilet paper down your toilet. You’ll also want to pay attention to how much food you’re shoving down your garbage disposal at once. Be sure not to overload it.

The disposal must be able to fully break down everything you put in it in order to effortlessly flow through your sewer line. Another easy tip is to put a drain filter in your sinks and showers. This can stop hair or food particles from making it into your pipes.

Also, be sure to dispose of grease and fat in the garbage. This will prevent hardened buildup on the inside of your pipes that can cause clogs. Lastly, ensure you are having regular maintenance on your sewer line.

Professionals suggest having your sewer line inspected and cleaned every 18-22 months. Technicians will inspect your sewer line for cracks, clogs, and tree roots, plus blast off any debris hardened on the inside of your pipe using a high-pressure water-hose. This will keep your mind at ease and your sewer line flowing in the right direction - out!

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