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Don't Let These Three Plumbing Issues Wreck Summer Plans!

Beware These Three Plumbing Issues This Summer

Summer is fast approaching, and that means all those fun summer plans are just around the corner! Many homeowners and their families are gearing up for fun outdoor activities, trips, and get-togethers under the sun. With so much fun on the horizon, what could possibly go wrong? Well, as much as no one wants to hear it- outdoor plumbing can go wrong!

Homeowners need to beware of issues with their outdoor plumbing, as these can be a major headache and can significantly hamper outdoor summer plans. It is probably fair to assume that most homeowners would rather be soaking up some Vitamin D than dealing with home plumbing repairs. As such, here are three common plumbing issues for homeowners to look out for this summer.

Sprinkler Breaks


Breaks in the sprinkler system are more common than one might think. These can result for many different reasons, and while some have relatively simple fixes, others can be much more complex. One of the more common minor issues is stuck valves, which occur when the sprinkler heads (which expel water from the sprinkler system) become blocked and cannot properly open and close. This often happens when there is debris like small stones or dirt that covers up the valves themselves.

Other more complex issues may require professional help to address. Broken lines and burst pipes are some of the most common examples. Broken lines can result underground from natural causes like soil pressure or tree roots. On the other hand, Burst pipes often occur due to the winter cold if sprinkler systems were not adequately drained or if the pressure from the frozen soil is too much to bear.

Hose Bib Malfunctions

hoseHose bib malfunctions are another outdoor plumbing issue that homeowners must look out for. Starting with a definition, hose bibs are like outdoor faucets, and they are designed to connect with a hose. However, hose bibs can often experience leaks (i.e., only a portion of the water flows into the hose while the remainder drips away).

If homeowners notice damage to the hose bib, leaking water or puddles, rusting, or abnormal sounds, these may be signs that there is an issue with their hose bib. While this may sound like a minor issue, it can lead to more problems down the road. If the bib is located near the house, those problems may be exacerbated even more. Over time, leaks can affect the foundation and may also signal other issues with the pipes.

The Worst-Case of All: Sewer Line Breaks

Last but most definitely not least, homeowners must look out for sewer line breaks above all else. This is the worst possible scenario because these breaks can be highly unpleasant and require emergency repairs. Many times, broken sewer lines result from temperature fluctuations, clogged or corroded pipes, or tree roots. When the sewer line breaks, the whole system becomes compromised, which can pose severe health risks.

The signs will be pretty obvious, as sewage smells will likely permeate the air, and there could be draining issues or backups in the home plumbing fixtures. If homeowners identify or even just suspect sewer line breaks, they should seek professional help immediately.

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