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Don't Forget the Pipes as You Prepare for Winter

Professional Tips to Protect Your Pipes

Homeowners in Canada are no stranger to freezing temperatures in the winter. Cold temperatures are hard on the people, but they are even harder on the homes and infrastructure that can’t get out of the elements. One of the most common and dangerous problems that can result from a cold winter is plumbing issues resulting from frozen pipes. Frozen pipes can mean an interruption in water service, but even worse, it can mean burst pipes. 

Instead of taking chances with plumbing, take advice and action instead. Local burst pipe repair specialists offer advice to help prevent burst pipes. Homeowners can avoid this situation by taking a few extra steps and being prepared. 


Complications from Emergency Burst Pipes

A burst pipe may not sound like a huge problem until it is taken into consideration that the pipe is pressurized with water. A pipe may burst due to freezing water within it, but it may not leak immediately. However, as the ice blockage in the pipe thaws, the pressurized water sitting behind it can rapidly rush out and cause flash flooding in the area where it is located. The flooding caused by the burst pipe is the most dangerous and costly aspect of a frozen pipe that has burst. 

When an area in a home floods, it can quickly damage flooring and walls. When water is allowed to sit for more than a few hours, it can encourage mould growth that can be detrimental to health. The bills for home repairs and water remediation greatly outstrip the cost of taking precautions against burst pipes. 

Keep in mind, the entire time the pipe is burst or frozen, a home will be without water service. So, not only is it dangerous to deal with floods from a burst pipe, but the house will also be unlivable due to a lack of water and sewer service. 

Pipe Insulation to Keep Pipes From Freezingpipes

The easiest step to take to keep pipes from freezing is to have a plumber inspect the pipes. Upon inspection, the plumber can make educated guesses about which pipes may be vulnerable to freezing in harsh conditions. They will likely err on the side of caution and apply pipe insulation to anything that could possibly freeze. 

Pipe insulation is an easy and cost-effective method of preventing burst pipes. Insulation is ready-made to slide over and seal around any diameter of pipe found in the home. Any exterior pipes should be insulated as well as piping in attics or crawl spaces. If pipes still freeze, heat tape can be added, preventing freezing in even the harshest conditions. 

Bonus Burst Pipe Prevention and Winterization Tips

Pipe insulation goes a long way in preventing burst pipes, but here are a few pro-tips to maximize pipe safety over the winter:

  • Winterize irrigation systems by draining them
  • Detach all hoses from outdoor bibbs and drain the hoses before storing
  • Know where the main shut-off valve is and how to turn it off in case of emergency
  • Keep faucets dripping during cold snaps
  • Use space heaters for extra heat near piping that runs through exterior walls

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