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3 Tips to Keep Pipes Safe from Freezing This Winter!

Keep the Holidays Jolly with the Gift of Protected Pipes!

There’s nothing worse than a holiday party gone wrong. Most holiday nightmares revolve around burning the food, the arrival of surprise guests, or worst of all, forgetting the egg nog. But the real disaster can be hiding in plain sight and can cause more headaches than any Grinch-y guest: frozen pipes. Imagine the tree all set up, the presents wrapped with care, the kids are going to bed when there’s a crashing sound! There’s suddenly a small waterfall of water falling from a broken pipe, a huge plumbing bill is on the horizon, and just like that, the holiday is ruined. 

The good news is, situations like these are preventable. Pipes only burst when subjected to extreme conditions without the proper protections in place. Keep reading to find out how to protect the home’s pipes (and the holiday season) from this wintery plumbing disaster!

Keep Pipes Toasty and Insulated


Most homeowners think insulation belongs in the walls and attic but doesn’t play a considerable role in plumbing. But, properly insulating pipes helps protect against heat loss and keep a home more energy-efficient. More importantly, during the chilly months of the holiday season, insulation around plumbing pipework helps prevent burst pipes. 

Pipe insulation comes in many materials that all offer their own benefits to protecting the pipework of the home. Consider mineral or glass wool insulation for more affordable thermal protection, rigid or flexible foam for a long-lasting solution or polyethylene-based insulation for a versatile solution that works with indoor and outdoor waterlines. 

Whatever insulation is selected, be sure to verify that it is certified for thermal conductivity and consider selecting insulation that will hold up against water exposure should condensation or small leaks occur. A qualified plumbing expert can help discern what type (or types) of insulation would be best for the home’s plumbing. 

Let the Faucets Drip (A Little)


Dripping drains are usually considered a reason to call the plumber, right? It may seem counterintuitive to let water drip from faucets to prevent plumbing troubles, but it’s one of the best ways to avoid bursting pipes. Water in motion is less likely to freeze. But there’s no reason to go overboard. Letting one faucet drip a steady stream of water when the temperatures drop below freezing is all that’s needed to keep freezing pipes at bay. Choose the faucet farthest from the waterline source to allow the water to travel as far as possible through the pipework. It’s a simple solution to protecting a home from the harmful effects of winter on the plumbing.

Keep the Temperatures Consistent and Cozy

Fluctuating temperatures are the cause of bursting pipes. The temperature outside is usually the first consideration homeowners take when working to prevent bursting pipes. However, the temperature inside the house plays just as important a role. Quite a bit of plumbing in the home is not insulated, like the kitchen sink and tub. Protecting these pipes is best achieved by regulating the temperature in the home and preventing any swings in temperature. Instead of letting temperatures drop in the home when unoccupied, keep the thermostat at a consistent temperature above 18 degrees Celsius to protect any exposed interior plumbing. 

Burst, frozen pipes are a nightmare just waiting to happen as winter temperatures arrive. Protecting the home’s plumbing doesn’t have to be a headache. A reputable plumber can advise homeowners on the best steps to take to safeguard their homes from frozen pipes. 

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