Heating Services in Peterborough, ON

You need a fully functioning heating system when winter hits. Call us for professional furnace repairs and central heating installations in Peterborough, ON.

When your heating system fails in the middle of winter, you need professional services as soon as possible. Call Guardian Home Services for furnace repair and heater installation in Peterborough, ON.

We offer complete heating services to the Peterborough, ON area, including:

  • Furnace Repairs
  • Heater Repairs
  • Furnace Installations
  • Heater Installations
  • Heat Pump Services
  • Boiler Services
  • Radiant Heating
  • Gas Log Fireplaces

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Signs Your Heater Needs to Be Repaired

When your heater malfunctions it’s important to have it serviced as soon as possible. Schedule an appointment with a heating contractor when you notice the following signs:

  • Property isn’t warming to the set temperature.
  • Your home or building is heating unevenly, resulting in hot and cold spots.
  • Your unit starts making loud or unusual sounds.
  • Your monthly bills increase without a change in use.
  • The temperature of the property doesn’t match the setting on the thermostat.
  • You have leaks in your ductwork.

How a Malfunctioning Heater Can Affect Your Home

When your heating system breaks down it can have a large impact on your home - beyond leaving your house uncomfortably cold. Some other affects a malfunctioning unit can have on your property include:

  • Risk of illness for your entire household. This can be a serious threat if your unit has a carbon monoxide leak, which can cause serious - and even deadly - health risks.
  • Lower indoor air quality. If the unit isn’t functioning properly it will not be able to effectively remove particles from the air.
  • Increased risk of a fire. Depending on the issue with the system, it can pose an increased risk of a fire at your property.
  • Higher utility bills. Your unit will overwork and use more energy if it’s not functioning properly.

When your heater needs repairs, don’t stress about the bill. Ask us about our financing options.

Benefits of Installing a New Furnace

When you make the decision to install a new furnace, you are providing your property with a new, long-lasting and high-functioning unit. Some of the benefits that come with replacing the older system can include:

  • New technology. This allows for new features and the latest bells and whistles to help provide maximum climate control.
  • Higher efficiency. New systems can use up to 30 percent less fuel than older units.
  • Less noise. New units are quieter than older models.
  • More even heating. New systems allow for consistent heating throughout the property.

Whether you need a furnace tune-up or heater installation, Guardian Home Services can get the job done. Call us at 289-251-1497 for same-day services in the Peterborough, ON area.