Radiant Heating Services in Cobourg, ON

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When you want a more energy-efficient heating unit than a forced-air system, call our contractors to install a radiant heating system. This underfloor heating solution can provide even heating throughout your home without risking poor indoor air quality and not taking a toll on your utility bills. For same-day appointments in the Cobourg, ON area, trust Guardian Home Services to perform the work!

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What is Radiant Heating

Radiant heating can provide an alternative heating source to a forced-air system. These energy-efficient systems heat your home by installing pipes under your floors or through the walls and ceilings. Warm water flows through these pipes to heat your home. These systems allow your house to be evenly heated -- using less energy.

Benefits of Radiant Heating

Radiant heating systems can have numerous advantages over forced-air heating solutions. Some of the benefits heated floors can provide include:

  • Comfort, as the property can be warmed to a desired temperature.
  • Heat is evenly distributed throughout the home.
  • Rooms are evenly - and quickly - warmed as heat comes from all sides of a room.
  • Your home or building may feel warmer than the temperature on the thermostat because of the way heat moves throughout a room.
  • Lower monthly utility bills as these systems use less energy.
  • A more quiet solution as these systems make less noise.
  • Better indoor air quality than with a forced-air system, as underfloor heating systems don’t circulate dust and germs throughout the property.

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How Radiant Heating Can Save You Money

Radiant heating solutions can save you money - up to 10 to 30 percent - compared to heaters or furnaces. They can help you save on utility bills by:

  • Letting you reduce the temperature set on the thermostat as heated floors can make your space feel warmer.
  • Heating rooms more evenly, preventing the system from overworking to keep the property at a desired temperature.
  • Making it more efficient by eliminating the risk of dust and other debris from entering the system and making the unit work harder.

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