Furnace Installation Services in Cobourg, ON

Don’t put off replacing your furnace and risk having it completely malfunction this winter. Instead, call us for installations and replacements in Cobourg, ON.

Installing a new furnace can be a big decision. However, it can be an easy choice when you consider the alternative -- having your existing unit malfunction in the middle of winter, leaving you without a working system. When you are ready to replace your unit, call Guardian Home Services. We offer same-day appointments in the Cobourg, ON area.

Are you not quite ready to replace your furnace? Learn about our furnace repair services.

Signs Your Furnace Needs to be Replaced

To prevent having your furnace completely breakdown in the middle of winter, you need to replace it before it totally malfunctions. Watch for these signs that can indicate you need to install a new unit:

  • Your unit is nearing the end of its lifespan
  • It’s not efficiently or effectively warming your house
  • There’s a crack, which can lead to a dangerous situation like a carbon monoxide leak
  • Your utility bills start to increase
  • Your unit needs multiple - or costly - repairs

Benefits of Installing a New Furnace

Deciding to replace your furnace can come with many advantages. While one of the biggest can be knowing your unit won’t need repairs in the near future, other advantages can include:

  • New models come with the latest technology, providing features to allow for ultimate climate control.
  • A more efficient unit, as it can use up to 30 percent less fuel than older systems.
  • A quieter unit, as it makes less noise than an older system.
  • More even and consistent heating throughout your home.

Do you suspect there’s a leak in your air ducts? Contact us to learn about our ductwork services.

Issues You May Experience with Your Furnace

There are certain issues that your furnace might experience during its lifespan. Some common problems can include:

  • A lack of maintenance if you don’t schedule a yearly tune-up with a professional.
  • Dirty or clogged filters if you forget to change them regularly - about every three months.
  • Mechanical wear and tear and other signs of aging.
  • A thermostat that fails to provide maximum climate control throughout your home.
  • Disrupted airflow that can cause your unit to overheat.
  • A serious issue like a carbon monoxide leak, which can cause serious health issues, or even death.

To keep your home warm in the winter months it’s important to replace your aging furnace before it’s too late. Call Guardian Home Services at 289-251-1497 for same-day furnace installation and replacement services in the Cobourg, ON area.