Air Conditioning Services in Brighton, ON

When summer heat hits, make sure your air conditioner is working properly. Call us for central AC repairs and replacements in Brighton, ON.

Summer should be enjoyable, both outdoors and in your home. To ensure your house is kept at a comfortable temperature all season, have your air conditioner serviced by a professional for routine tune-ups, installations and expert repairs. Call Guardian Home Services for quality air conditioning services in Brighton, ON.

We offer complete cooling services to the Brighton, ON area, including:

  • Commercial HVAC Services
  • Air Conditioning Repairs
  • Air Conditioning Installations
  • AC Refrigerant Leak
  • Air Handler Services
  • Evaporator Coil Services
  • Air Cleaning & Filtration Services
  • Ductwork Services
  • Humidifiers
  • Filter Replacement

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Signs You Need to Replace Your Air Conditioner

Waiting for your existing air conditioner to completely break down before replacing it can be risky, as it can leave you in the heat during the summer months. To avoid being uncomfortable, replace your unit at the first sign of trouble. Some symptoms that can indicate you need to install a new system can include:

  • Age: If your unit is nearing the end of its lifespan.
  • Loss of efficiency: If your utility bills are increasing without a change in usage.
  • Lack of climate control: If your property is no longer reaching a desirable temperature.
  • Multiple repairs: If your unit needs frequent - or major - repairs.
  • Leaks: If moisture is leaking from your unit.
  • Strange sounds: If your system is making loud or unusual noises. This could signal an issue with your motor.
  • Lack of cold air: If your unit is running but cold air isn’t blowing out.

Easy Ways to Save on Cooling Costs

Keeping your property cool in the summer months can be costly. Fortunately, there are ways to save money on your utility bills:

  • Make sure your home is properly insulated.
  • Replace air filters regularly, about every three months.
  • Have a professional inspect your system at least once a year.
  • Install a programmable thermostat.
  • Replace your older, outdated system with a new one.
  • Use fans to help circulate the air and make your property feel cooler.
  • Close the drapes or blinds on sunny days to keep extra heat out.

When you need AC repairs, don’t worry about the bill. We offer financing options to our customers.

What to Expect During an AC Tune-Up

It’s recommended you have a professional inspect your air conditioning system at least once a year. During these routine maintenance visits you can expect an AC contractor to perform the following tasks:

  • Check the refrigerant levels and look for leaks.
  • Inspect your air ducts for excessive debris and potential leaks.
  • Examine the evaporator coil to make sure that the proper amount of air is flowing through the component.
  • Ensure that cooling and heating sequences are not operating at the same time.
  • Inspect electric terminals and apply a non-conductive coating, if needed.
  • Apply oil to the motors.
  • Examine the belts and components.
  • Check the thermostat to ensure it’s properly controlling your indoor climate.

When you need an AC repair or replacement, call Guardian Home Services at 289-251-1497. We offer air conditioning services to the Brighton, ON area.