Filter Replacement Services in Cobourg, ON

It’s vital to replace your air conditioner and furnace filters regularly to keep your systems functioning properly. Call us today to schedule AC and furnace filter replacement services in Cobourg, ON.

Do you want to prolong the lifespan of your heating and cooling systems? One easy way is to schedule filter replacement services. Regularly changing the filter in your furnace or air conditioner can help the systems run more efficiently, and can provide better air quality and climate control in your home or building. For professional filter replacement services, call Guardian Home Services. We offer same-day appointments in Cobourg, ON.

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When You Need Professional Filter Replacement

Regularly changing your air conditioner and furnace filters can have many benefits for your home or building - as well as your heating and cooling systems. Scheduling regular professional filter replacement services can help solve the following problems:

  • Your air conditioner is operating less efficiently.
  • Your indoor air quality is reduced.
  • You need to enforce a warranty.
  • The filter hasn’t been changed in more than three months.

How Often You Need Filter Replacement Services

To get the full benefit of your heating and cooling systems’ filters, it’s important to replace them regularly. Following this timeline can keep your filters fresh and your units performing as expected:

  • Replace every six months for households without pets.
  • Change every three months if you live in an urban area.
  • Install a new filter every three months if you have pets.
  • Change monthly if you have pet allergies.
  • Replace more often during times of heavy AC and furnace usage.

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Risks of Not Replacing Your Filters

Replacing your heating and cooling systems’ filters can be handled quickly by professionals. Failing to install new filters can have the following negative impacts on your system and your house:

  • Poor indoor air quality, as the filters can’t properly remove particles from the air.
  • Inadequate airflow if the filters are causing clogs.
  • Increased risk of breakdowns as the systems might have to work harder to heat or cool your property.
  • Higher repair costs when the systems malfunction.
  • More wear and tear on systems.
  • Higher utility bills as the systems will use more energy to get your home or building to a comfortable temperature.

To keep your heating and cooling systems working as expected, you need to change their filters on a regular basis. Call Guardian Home Services at 289-251-1497 for same-day AC and furnace filtration replacement and installation services in the Cobourg, ON area.