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Here’s a Plan You’ll Want to Commit To

We all have that friend who can't commit to a decision to save their lives. If you don't have a friend like that, maybe it's because you are that friend! We're not judging you, or anything. We know that it can be hard to commit to something without having 100% assurance that it will turn out the way you want it to.

This is true of Valentine's Day plans, as well as plumbing maintenance plans! Fortunately, the plumbing maintenance membership offered by Guardian Plumbing and Drain is so great, even you won't have a problem committing to it!

Did you know that a maintenance plan can help you keep your plumbing systems in the best shape, while also saving you money? Regular maintenance is known to prevent emergencies, make your system last longer, and create trust with a reliable plumbing company.

Less Plumbing Emergencies

plumbingemergencyThe first benefit of signing up for a plumbing membership plan is that they significantly reduce your risk of encountering a plumbing emergency.

While we can't guarantee you'll never face a plumbing emergency in your home, we can confidently say that homes that have regular plumbing maintenance experience them far less often than those that don't.

Included in most maintenance memberships is an annual plumbing inspection that allows your plumber to identify and resolve any minor issues with your piping system before they become a catastrophic plumbing emergency.

A Healthier Pipe System

pipesystemAside from helping you avoid plumbing emergencies, a plumbing maintenance plan can also make your pipe system last longer with regular drain cleanings! How can keeping your drains clean extend the lifespan of your pipes?

Well, regular drain cleanings can keep your pipes clear of debris, as well as corrosive scale and mineral buildup, that can damage the pipe. It also eliminates clogs before they get so large that they cause the pipe to burst.

Now, what do we mean when we say "regular" drain cleanings? It is recommended that your pipes be cleaned about every six months, but no less frequently than once a year.

Long Term Support

longtermIf you plan on keeping your home, and therefore your plumbing systems, for the long term, then make the commitment to take care of them with a plumbing maintenance membership from Guardian Plumbing and Drain.

Our plumbing contractors have the knowledge and experience to provide all the services you may need, from routine inspections and maintenance to repairs and replacements. Joining our membership program means that you have a long term partner to help you take care of your home and plumbing.

Are you ready to jump into a committed plumbing maintenance relationship with Guardian Plumbing and Drain? If so, our plumbing maintenance membership plan makes it easy for anyone to make a commit! Just give us a call at (289) 251-1626 to speak with one of our trusted plumbing experts in Cobourg, OR today, and learn more about how a plumbing maintenance membership plan with Guardian Plumbing and Drain can help you save money while you keep your plumbing in tip-top shape! And who doesn’t like saving money?!


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