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Discover the Awesome Power of Using a Garbage Disposal at Home

If you enjoy clean pipes, you will enjoy using a garbage disposal. Gone are the days of sink screens and declogging agents. A garbage disposal uses powerful blades that cut through any food debris left over from meals.

It easily mounts under your sink and can last for years. Having one of these in your home can save you time, money, and protect your pipes. Discover the awesome power of using a garbage disposal in your kitchen.

Pipes Smell Clean When Pipes Are Clear

“cleansmell”Odors coming from your kitchen, or anywhere for that matter, are not normal. If you have a foul smell coming from your sink, then you may have some food debris stuck in your pipes.

Even when being careful, food waste can wash down into your drain and get stuck there. When the food starts to rot it creates a smell, ergo the stench in your kitchen.

With a garbage disposal, you can say goodbye to nasty smells. All food debris must pass through the disposal unit before going down the drain. The powerful blades break down extra food particles and wash it away through your pipes along with the help of cold running water.

This gives your pipes a clean smell. Additionally, to keep your disposal unit clean, you can pour a teaspoon amount of dish soap into it and run cold water for about a minute. This will clean out the unit, keeping that fresh scent.

Easier Dish Washing

“washingdishes”Washing dishes can feel less like a chore with a garbage disposal unit. Small food particles left on your plate after meals can be scraped into the sink and flushed away using the disposal system.

Without clogs in the drain, you can avoid backup from the drain when it’s time to rinse. You can also avoid foul odors during washing, which makes this task a whole lot easier.

Clog-Free Pipes

“clearpipesf”Any plumber in Cobourg, ON can tell you that clogs are no laughing matter. Your plumbing system is very important, and it must be taken care of. Clogs can stop the flow of water through your pipes, leading to backups and sometimes leaks, which no one wants.

Installing a garbage disposal unit in your home can help maintain the integrity of your pipes. While drain screens are a nice thought, disposal devices will catch food debris 100% of the time, as it must pass through the unit prior to entering your pipes. All the waste is broken down by powerful blades and washed away through your pipes and into your sewage system, leaving you with clog-free pipes.

Having a garbage disposal unit in your home is like having your own personal plumber. It helps keep your pipes free of clogs and smelling clean. These handy devices also make after meal clean up much easier. Now you can cook to your heart’s desire without worry.


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